the twist: the block party

marketing has been invigorated with new approaches to selling products and services. e-marketing, blogs and social media enliven our strategies and challenge our imaginations.  but let’s not forget that the message will evaporate, if our business is not built on strong foundations.

do the twist:  make the point and have a little fun too. promo block sets are a great way to get your message into the hands of the clients you love or want to love. arrange your message on these colorful blocks that can be broken apart and rebuilt over and over again. use your imagination, it’s playful, fun and shows your creative side.

more twists:  from stock sets to custom shapes, I have a design for every budget.   waiting for you with more strong promotions at


the twist: the butterscotch blues

Lately the news has been; well the news.  After I ferried my tax returns to the irs, remembered the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic, and watched the top blow off the icelandic volcano,  my favorite ice cream place confirmed that butterscotch topping was discontinued nationwide. wait what… i immediately contacted my news source in the big apple, and it’s true. just when you needed some butterscotch and comfort watching thousands stranded at airports.  can we say…survival.  being the optimist let me offer some promotional hope.

do the twist:  the traveler’s survival kit

 features a number of useful props.

  1.  a comb, so you don’t look like a crazed person at the ticket counter
  2.  antibacterial wipes,  for the cut you gave yourself when banging on the  ticket counter
  3. bandages, for the same cut
  4. toothbrush and paste,  hoping that clean breath will get you on the next flight
  5. tissues, when your hotness and clean breath still leave you stranded   

more twists:   I don’t report the news, I just read it…but you can find this kit and many newsworthy promotions at planes, boats, trains, here, there and everywhere (hey Sir Paul) until next week, allow me a moment with my butterscotch blues.

the twist: a little bamboo with l’hommage to woody allen

Credit: Broadway Danny Rose

 “Broadway Danny Rose

One of my favorite Woody movies is BDR. It is the story of Danny Rose, theatrical agent (played by Woody Allen) who has the craziest New York adventure with Tina Vitale, (played by Mia Farrow). In a classic scene, Tina comments on Danny’s “darling it’s rent controlled” apartment. She envisions a room full of pink pillows and lots of bamboo. Little did we know that Tina was a decorator way ahead of her time. Today bamboo is the buzzword in environmentally friendly products, good luck and prosperity. So this week we bring you a little bamboo.

do the twist: Our two stalk bamboo plant is packaged in a natural cotton bag. The hang tag is attached and customized with your logo and copy. Share some luck with your favorite clients, maybe some will come back to you.

more twists: we might never find out what happened to Eddie Clark’s penguins, Angelina or the balloon folders, but you can find more eco-friendly products at and catch the 1984 black and white classic.

the twist: a real fine place to start (a true story)

client says: i have created the perfect web site
i say: can’t wait to see it

client says: now I need to generate traffic to the site
i say: just one click

client says: a web key mouse?
i say: one click on top opens up your web browser and takes you directly to your site

client says: brand my logo
i say: smarty pants

do the twist: web key and travel mouse 2 in one item features retractable cord and scrolling wheel. pharma compliant when set to an educational website.
so get connected.

more twists: find out what is new and hot in technology and computer accessories.

the twist: want to get your phone back (keep reading)

There is nothing worse than losing the smart phone or the mobile device that runs your life. Misplaced and lost phones cause stress, panic and a desire to set your hair on fire. Know the feeling…

do the twist: TrackItBack is the world’s largest lost and found recovery service. By placing the loyalty id tag on your portable item and activating its unique code online, you can rest assured that when you lose your portable item and it is found, it will be returned to you from anywhere in the world – for Free. You will remember the company that gave you this real value promotional item. You might even suggest that your company do the same.

more twists:
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