the twist: message in a bottle


 “shown above is not an ordinary ship in a bottle, it’s an eight-foot tall replica of the HMS Victory that will spend the next 18 months on the fourth plinth in trafalgar square, London.  nelson’s ship in a bottle by yinka shonibare  commemorates the battle of trafalgar and the 50th anniversary of nigerian independence. ”  ships and messages in a  bottle have always fascinated me.  my great-uncle had a wonderful collection, and it always piqued my imagination.  perhaps the mystery of it all, finding a sea worn bottle with letters and trinkets is the ultimate treasure find.  

more twists: create your own promotional message in a bottle. announce new products, a cool invitation to a trade show, introduce  new sales teams, let your imagination go to work.   the best part  it’s postal friendly.  and we can do the mailing for you. customize your 4-color label, your message on printed parchment paper, add a little tinsel, and your own trinkets if you like. let your clients discover your creativity and who wouldn’t want to find out what’s inside. 

custom message in a bottle

do the twist: if you can’t get to london to see the big ship in the bottle, go down to the sea on a wild and windy night and look around, or rent the movie “message in a bottle” or listen to the police classic. if i caught you thinking about this great promotion, let me help you discover more great treasures at creative-crossroads.  on this memorial day week-end take a moment to  remember those who have died in our nation’s service.  be mindful, be safe.


the twist: tote obsession


the twist: i admit, i’m obsessed. as i run around my supermarket i’m always checking out everybody’s eco-friendly bags. color, design, imprint information, bottom gussets. sounds silly, but this is my business. my job is to find the best products to showcase your logo and brand.  now i’m taking it to the check-out.

do the twistyour brand can shine on this trendy metallic bag that will be used over and over.  it measures 16″ x 17″ with a 6″ bottom gusset. your logo can enjoy a large imprint area 9″ x 12″.   recently i received a few samples at a trade show and the tote gets a fair share of compliments, which means it stands out

more twists: to find more recycled totes in all colors and sizes, please visit creative-crossroads. and here’s my tip of the day: once you unpack the fruits and veggies, you can repack the tote for your trip to monte carlo.  always practical, always promotional, cheers!

the twist: jane austen, the brand

i have to chuckle at some of these advertising blogs that pontificate their most recent discovery. “we’re not selling promises, we’re selling the  experience.” (really)  entrepreneurs deliver the experience everyday or we wouldn’t be in business. to madison avenue we say, glad you caught up. 

one writer who has been delivering the experience since 1813 is Jane Austen. if jane lived today, would she tweet,  indulge in social media,  incorporate technology in her stories?  would darcy and lizzie be apple or pc devotees, would Pemberley be on the 3G network?  but i digress. 

jane Austen wrote a total of 6 books and other manuscripts but sadly died at the age of 42.  her brand has lived on for almost 200 years.  books, movies, dvd sales, fan clubs, travel tours to the places she wrote, (more…)