the twist: jane austen, the brand

i have to chuckle at some of these advertising blogs that pontificate their most recent discovery. “we’re not selling promises, we’re selling the  experience.” (really)  entrepreneurs deliver the experience everyday or we wouldn’t be in business. to madison avenue we say, glad you caught up. 

one writer who has been delivering the experience since 1813 is Jane Austen. if jane lived today, would she tweet,  indulge in social media,  incorporate technology in her stories?  would darcy and lizzie be apple or pc devotees, would Pemberley be on the 3G network?  but i digress. 

jane Austen wrote a total of 6 books and other manuscripts but sadly died at the age of 42.  her brand has lived on for almost 200 years.  books, movies, dvd sales, fan clubs, travel tours to the places she wrote, regency dance classes and books about the books. to think she wrote  in journals, with pen and ink.  consider  what her brand has generated since 1813.

do the twist:  at the end of the day when you have no more to give, let your heart and mind return to the time before texting. why not pen your ramblings  in a beautiful leather bound journal book.  and if your technology starts calling you back, you can always preserve your tweets for the grandchildren.  choose from a beautiful color palette debossed with your company logo.  this is a timeless corporate gift, appreciated by your clients, long after the smartphone is in the landfill.

more twists:  for timeless promotions that deliver the experience, please visit, for more about jane austen, visit your local bookstore, library or dig out your copy from college.  p.s. i think jane would love technology. janites,what do you think: wordpress, facebook or twitter? but of course after she practiced her pianoforte.

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