the twist: tote obsession


the twist: i admit, i’m obsessed. as i run around my supermarket i’m always checking out everybody’s eco-friendly bags. color, design, imprint information, bottom gussets. sounds silly, but this is my business. my job is to find the best products to showcase your logo and brand.  now i’m taking it to the check-out.

do the twistyour brand can shine on this trendy metallic bag that will be used over and over.  it measures 16″ x 17″ with a 6″ bottom gusset. your logo can enjoy a large imprint area 9″ x 12″.   recently i received a few samples at a trade show and the tote gets a fair share of compliments, which means it stands out

more twists: to find more recycled totes in all colors and sizes, please visit creative-crossroads. and here’s my tip of the day: once you unpack the fruits and veggies, you can repack the tote for your trip to monte carlo.  always practical, always promotional, cheers!

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  1. I have to agree, I always look at people’s bags as well! I have one from Montreal and one from France, they’re my favorites. Sad but true!


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