the twist: vampire bill

yes, vampires are the new rock stars.  from edward cullen and his family of couture vamps to the earthy bill in the true blood series, and the preppy boys of the vampire diaries, one just can’t get enough of these men of the night and their earthly pursuits.  my interest in this genre was ignited a few years ago by elizabeth kostova’s book “the historian” and the vamp who started it all, count dracula.  not that i want to meet this type of count, but i think a tour of d’s  library would be fun.  in the daytime of course.  all of these vamps got me thinking about  promotional products and vampires and suddenly, i reached for my neck. 

do the twist:  forget about crosses and garlic how about a neck/ pillow travel set packaged in a draw cord travel bag.    each kit contains, a neck pillow, eye mask, 4 compressed towels and ear plugs.   my other choice is a version of corporate neck comfort.  each pillow is filled with polystyrene foam beads, and the zippered pillow is available in three colors, black, navy or burgundy. (please call for pricing)  Either selection will look great with your company brand.

more twists:  it is quite a vampire rodeo out there.  when you  place your order indicate your favorite vampire, and i’ll waive the screen charge.  for more promotions with bite please visit creative-crossroads.  and if you need to place an order in the middle of the night, we are open online 24/7.


the twist: when it’s not raining men

sometimes in florida, we play a game with mother nature called beat the storm.  here’s how it works.  you take a look around at the impending cloud formation and decide if you can get in and out of the supermarket and  back to your car before the downpour.  and although you have been instructed by the old timers to always carry that umbrella, florida downpours defy the umbrella.  you just get soaked and sometimes the sun is shining.  figure that.  i recently decided to play beat the storm, and by now you have guessed i was soaked from my head to my jimmy choes.  a promotional solution was called for and my epiphany led me to the pronto poncho.

do the twist:  i invested in a rain poncho and i have one for you too.  this one comes with universal sizing and fits most adults.  your brand can be silkscreened on the left crest, packaged in its own pouch which means it can be used over and over. ideal for golf tournaments, outdoor concerts, auto racing, picnics, walk-a-thons, fund-raisers, store openings, all outdoor events.

more twists:  like the song says, most of us would love that raining men thing to happen in the parking lot, but for now mother nature loves those tropical downpours and she rules.  and in our pronto poncho we can smile back.  for promotional products that will not rain on your parade, think creative-crossroads. 

the twist: whatcha goin’ to do about me?

i hate to get into gulf politics or the blame game with respect to the current environmental crisis in the gulf of mexico. but my heart goes out to the loss of human life on the rig, the loss of a way of life, and the innocent sea creatures, birds and shore life devastated by this spill.

I will let the politicians and talking heads duke out the “who dunnit”  that lies ahead, but in the meantime, birds, turtles, dolphins, pelicans and sea life are losing the battle and dying.  once again, it’s the people with heart and soul, the rescuers, professional and amateur stepping up to help.   florida wildlife refuge on the east coast is rehabing some of these innocent victims. 

do the twist:  i found these beautiful plush sea friends from one of my reliable suppliers, and maybe your company would consider using them for fund-raising to help the gulf wildlife recover.  it is going to take a long time, manpower and money to sort all of this out.  these darling stuffed babies each come with a ribbon imprinted with your company, group or association. the reality is:  these creatures only have us, so let’s do something together. 

more twists:   demand creative solutions.   creative-crossroads promotional products.

the twist: surfin’ u.s.b.

remember the old days of summer, a few relaxing  weeks with family and friends, mountains,  beaches just a time to kick back and chill.  but today we have to stay connected even when relaxing. 

do the twist:  surf’s up with these  usb 2.0  surfboard flash memory drives.   three styles to choose from designed by carl ekstrom, pc and mac compatible, of course.   please inquire for available packaging options and accessories.  add content, files and programs, a great way to use the drive for a specific project, event, marketing or content distribution needs.  inquire for  data upload specifications and pricing changes frequently (like lobster) but i will be competitive.

more twists:  be cool, chill, and stay connected.  your clients will think you are the big kahuna, and i have to agree.  for more summer promotions that will help your business catch a wave think creative-crossroads promotional products. hang ten.

the twist: on distant shores

a day at the beach, welcome to france

once again June 6th appears on my calendar marking the 66th anniversary of the allied landings on the cotentin peninsular normandy, france.  once again beaches come to the forefront; omaha, utah, sword, juno and gold.  once again, we remember.

 books, movies, documentaries have captured the heroics of young american citizen soldiers on their  fateful entry to the european continent.  men released from landing craft wading to shore with heavy equipment under relentless enemy fire, pilots of c-47’s carrying paratroopers jumping behind enemy lines, rangers scaling the cliffs, the blood soaked sands of the french beaches cradling the wounded, holding the remains of the fallen. can we ever truly understand what it felt like to be present on that day?  with humility i say no.

june 6, 2010 and the waves still break upon the shore.  there are no 5-star resorts, condos or tropical umbrellas along these beaches.  just monuments, memorials and a cemetery in colleville-sur-mer for the now and future generations to reflect upon this day of days.  yes, june 6 the unforgettable longest day of extraordinary sacrifice and valour, pray never again a day like this at the beach.

“spirit of american youth” overlooking the cemetery  

(my usual twist of promo will return next week)