the twist: on distant shores

a day at the beach, welcome to france

once again June 6th appears on my calendar marking the 66th anniversary of the allied landings on the cotentin peninsular normandy, france.  once again beaches come to the forefront; omaha, utah, sword, juno and gold.  once again, we remember.

 books, movies, documentaries have captured the heroics of young american citizen soldiers on their  fateful entry to the european continent.  men released from landing craft wading to shore with heavy equipment under relentless enemy fire, pilots of c-47’s carrying paratroopers jumping behind enemy lines, rangers scaling the cliffs, the blood soaked sands of the french beaches cradling the wounded, holding the remains of the fallen. can we ever truly understand what it felt like to be present on that day?  with humility i say no.

june 6, 2010 and the waves still break upon the shore.  there are no 5-star resorts, condos or tropical umbrellas along these beaches.  just monuments, memorials and a cemetery in colleville-sur-mer for the now and future generations to reflect upon this day of days.  yes, june 6 the unforgettable longest day of extraordinary sacrifice and valour, pray never again a day like this at the beach.

“spirit of american youth” overlooking the cemetery  

(my usual twist of promo will return next week)

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  1. Jeanette

     /  June 5, 2010

    Saw this from the Band of Brothers Facebook page. Thanks for sharing this.


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