the twist: surfin’ u.s.b.

remember the old days of summer, a few relaxing  weeks with family and friends, mountains,  beaches just a time to kick back and chill.  but today we have to stay connected even when relaxing. 

do the twist:  surf’s up with these  usb 2.0  surfboard flash memory drives.   three styles to choose from designed by carl ekstrom, pc and mac compatible, of course.   please inquire for available packaging options and accessories.  add content, files and programs, a great way to use the drive for a specific project, event, marketing or content distribution needs.  inquire for  data upload specifications and pricing changes frequently (like lobster) but i will be competitive.

more twists:  be cool, chill, and stay connected.  your clients will think you are the big kahuna, and i have to agree.  for more summer promotions that will help your business catch a wave think creative-crossroads promotional products. hang ten.

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  1. Janice Pelan

     /  June 8, 2010

    It just amazes me that each week Jodie gets even more creative! Now I know why her business is called
    “Creative Crossroads.”

    If I had a big business you can bet that I would order and promote Jodie’s creativity!!!



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