the twist: whatcha goin’ to do about me?

i hate to get into gulf politics or the blame game with respect to the current environmental crisis in the gulf of mexico. but my heart goes out to the loss of human life on the rig, the loss of a way of life, and the innocent sea creatures, birds and shore life devastated by this spill.

I will let the politicians and talking heads duke out the “who dunnit”  that lies ahead, but in the meantime, birds, turtles, dolphins, pelicans and sea life are losing the battle and dying.  once again, it’s the people with heart and soul, the rescuers, professional and amateur stepping up to help.   florida wildlife refuge on the east coast is rehabing some of these innocent victims. 

do the twist:  i found these beautiful plush sea friends from one of my reliable suppliers, and maybe your company would consider using them for fund-raising to help the gulf wildlife recover.  it is going to take a long time, manpower and money to sort all of this out.  these darling stuffed babies each come with a ribbon imprinted with your company, group or association. the reality is:  these creatures only have us, so let’s do something together. 

more twists:   demand creative solutions.   creative-crossroads promotional products.

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  1. Jodie,
    Great article and pictures. We all need to care about and protect our sealife and beaches.
    Greg Johnson

  2. Love this idea!


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