the twist: when it’s not raining men

sometimes in florida, we play a game with mother nature called beat the storm.  here’s how it works.  you take a look around at the impending cloud formation and decide if you can get in and out of the supermarket and  back to your car before the downpour.  and although you have been instructed by the old timers to always carry that umbrella, florida downpours defy the umbrella.  you just get soaked and sometimes the sun is shining.  figure that.  i recently decided to play beat the storm, and by now you have guessed i was soaked from my head to my jimmy choes.  a promotional solution was called for and my epiphany led me to the pronto poncho.

do the twist:  i invested in a rain poncho and i have one for you too.  this one comes with universal sizing and fits most adults.  your brand can be silkscreened on the left crest, packaged in its own pouch which means it can be used over and over. ideal for golf tournaments, outdoor concerts, auto racing, picnics, walk-a-thons, fund-raisers, store openings, all outdoor events.

more twists:  like the song says, most of us would love that raining men thing to happen in the parking lot, but for now mother nature loves those tropical downpours and she rules.  and in our pronto poncho we can smile back.  for promotional products that will not rain on your parade, think creative-crossroads. 

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  1. Jodi
    You are a great writer! The story, promotional product all tie in perfectly. Enjoy reading the blog each week. How about your next blog using:
    Our neck pillow: very soft outside fabric and inside beads that are softer than your own pillow. Next time you are traveling on a plane or a passenger in a car and need to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz, our neck pillow will make you feel like you are sleeping in your own bed even though you are some where else.
    Summer traveling season is upon us and we never know when there may be delays at the airports or traffic on the roads. Travel in style neck pillow comes in black, navy and maroon. Your logo 1 color imprinted on each neck pillow. Great for any event that has traveling to and from the event.
    Like my idea?

    • Thanks for the shout out. I will keep the pillow in mind for a future twist.


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