the twist: vampire bill

yes, vampires are the new rock stars.  from edward cullen and his family of couture vamps to the earthy bill in the true blood series, and the preppy boys of the vampire diaries, one just can’t get enough of these men of the night and their earthly pursuits.  my interest in this genre was ignited a few years ago by elizabeth kostova’s book “the historian” and the vamp who started it all, count dracula.  not that i want to meet this type of count, but i think a tour of d’s  library would be fun.  in the daytime of course.  all of these vamps got me thinking about  promotional products and vampires and suddenly, i reached for my neck. 

do the twist:  forget about crosses and garlic how about a neck/ pillow travel set packaged in a draw cord travel bag.    each kit contains, a neck pillow, eye mask, 4 compressed towels and ear plugs.   my other choice is a version of corporate neck comfort.  each pillow is filled with polystyrene foam beads, and the zippered pillow is available in three colors, black, navy or burgundy. (please call for pricing)  Either selection will look great with your company brand.

more twists:  it is quite a vampire rodeo out there.  when you  place your order indicate your favorite vampire, and i’ll waive the screen charge.  for more promotions with bite please visit creative-crossroads.  and if you need to place an order in the middle of the night, we are open online 24/7.

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