the twist: every drop counts

a few months ago, national geographic dedicated an entire issue to water.  it is estimated that by the year 2050, one-third of the people of the earth may lack a clean, secure source of water.  and consider this:  “if the millions of women who haul water long distances had a faucet by the door, whole societies could be transformed.”  we are so blessed to just turn on the tap and enjoy a nice cold glass of water, add some ice and a wedge of lemon.   but we are not without resources and technologies to make sure that clean water becomes a reality for everybody. so  here is a little product that might encourage some big ideas;  the eco water saver. 

do the twist:   my eco water saver is a twist action 5 minute shower timer with suction mount.  the timer is shatter resistant and the plastic body is 70% recycled.  It is perfect for hotels, water districts, cities, colleges, cruise lines and home developers.  it might not seem like a lot, but every drop counts.  

more twistscreative-crossroads is dedicated to clean water projects, and we support water charity.  for more great eco water and energy savers and powerful promotions, please visit us on the web or give a call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: those oldies but goodies

“my life is a performance for which i was never given a chance to rehearse.”  -ashleigh brilliant  

 did you ever have a week where everything you own just begins to break or needs a major improvement.   or you just ask what’s next.  well if it involves plumbing, i’m calling gene, but for the little things, take a look at the WD-40 mini pen.  what a great give-away at trade shows or just to drop one or two off at a client’s office.   here are a few wd-40 facts just in case you find yourself on jeopardy.  since 1953 a product was born after 40 attempts to get it right, hence the name.  the product can be found in 4 out of 5 households. it has been used by 81% of professionals at work.

do the twist:  now we have a no mess wd-40  mini pen with your logo prominently displayed.  it is  portable with precision-application of the famous multi-purpose problem solver.  and your clients will have a great promotional gift for life’s little emergencies.

more twists:  as the duct tape guys say, “you only need two tools in life, duct tape and wd-40. ”  as  jodie says, you only need one promotional products company, creative-crossroads.   your clients will love you when you save the day with this great product.  yes, jodie has a practical side, more about that later.

the twist: footsie

when you were a kid, you probably played footsie under the table with some  hunky friend your older cousin brought home for dinner. (not that i’m admitting to anything)   now you just go to trade shows in large convention centers, the concrete caves of commerce in your jimmy choes or your loubou stilettos (quelle horreur) and wonder how you are going to get your feet out of bed in the morning and greet your co-workers with a smile.  aching feet are no fun, and with all the running we do today in airports, trade shows or skyscrapers,  a clever company has come up with a clever solution.  meet the footzyrolls.

more twists:  small and practical, the footzyrolls are compact, flat, foldable shoes for women that fit inside a clutch, purse or one of my eco-friendly bags.  water-resistant, skid-resistant, very couture, and packaged in a footzypouch with your logo prominently displayed.  give this to your celebrity clients at a trade show or getting ready to fly to the next global meeting, her feet will feel like a celebrity.  available in 15 colors,  sizes, small-xl and there’s more.  you can wear them outside, machine wash and check out the snake-skin pattern.

do the twist:  marketing strategists want to impress the ladies,  just remember the lyrics from ms. patti labelle, when the lady is feelin’ good from her  head to her shoes,  she will have that new attitude, which might translate into a million dollar account for you.  for more promotions that will fashion up your brand  think creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.

the twist: feathers

please meet dixie the proud mother of pixie, a beautiful dove born yesterday.  there is nothing more wonderful than to watch these doves build nests and take care of the young ones.  my office is not too far from a section of orlando called audubon park.  fabulous birds  flit around,  and people have the loveliest bird feeders and houses.  it is quite charming and leads me to think that you might attract these feathered friends with a simple bird feeder for your back yard. 

more twists:  make friends with the birds with this charming feeder.  each house shaped container comes with an easy to fill spout, a bird porch to perch and a cord for easy attachment in  your world.  your company brand can be printed with prominence on one side of the feeder.  all you have to do is fill the feeder with some birdie munchies.  great for real estate, communications, environmental companies as well as associations concerned with protecting nature. a sure bet for any marketing strategy that wishes to brand with lifestyle promotions.

do the twist a special thanks to jennifer and art who shared the beautiful picture of their new feathered friends.  they have a very eco-friendly backyard, we could all take lessons.  for more promotions to attract new business and feather your nest, please visit creative-crossroads.