the twist: feathers

please meet dixie the proud mother of pixie, a beautiful dove born yesterday.  there is nothing more wonderful than to watch these doves build nests and take care of the young ones.  my office is not too far from a section of orlando called audubon park.  fabulous birds  flit around,  and people have the loveliest bird feeders and houses.  it is quite charming and leads me to think that you might attract these feathered friends with a simple bird feeder for your back yard. 

more twists:  make friends with the birds with this charming feeder.  each house shaped container comes with an easy to fill spout, a bird porch to perch and a cord for easy attachment in  your world.  your company brand can be printed with prominence on one side of the feeder.  all you have to do is fill the feeder with some birdie munchies.  great for real estate, communications, environmental companies as well as associations concerned with protecting nature. a sure bet for any marketing strategy that wishes to brand with lifestyle promotions.

do the twist a special thanks to jennifer and art who shared the beautiful picture of their new feathered friends.  they have a very eco-friendly backyard, we could all take lessons.  for more promotions to attract new business and feather your nest, please visit creative-crossroads.

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