the twist: those oldies but goodies

“my life is a performance for which i was never given a chance to rehearse.”  -ashleigh brilliant  

 did you ever have a week where everything you own just begins to break or needs a major improvement.   or you just ask what’s next.  well if it involves plumbing, i’m calling gene, but for the little things, take a look at the WD-40 mini pen.  what a great give-away at trade shows or just to drop one or two off at a client’s office.   here are a few wd-40 facts just in case you find yourself on jeopardy.  since 1953 a product was born after 40 attempts to get it right, hence the name.  the product can be found in 4 out of 5 households. it has been used by 81% of professionals at work.

do the twist:  now we have a no mess wd-40  mini pen with your logo prominently displayed.  it is  portable with precision-application of the famous multi-purpose problem solver.  and your clients will have a great promotional gift for life’s little emergencies.

more twists:  as the duct tape guys say, “you only need two tools in life, duct tape and wd-40. ”  as  jodie says, you only need one promotional products company, creative-crossroads.   your clients will love you when you save the day with this great product.  yes, jodie has a practical side, more about that later.

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  1. This is a great twist. Good gadget for trade shows. I will be contacting you about the WD40 mini pen!


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