the twist: brand 360

one of my clients wanted a catchy promotion that would show all of his products and services, and tell the story of his company.  i had 10 minutes to email one product idea to win this piece of business.  talk about thinking on your feet.  it took me two minutes to realize i had 10 minutes, which left 8 minutes.   (now i know how those supermarket contestants feel.)    

more twists:  with 3 minutes to go i suggested the thermal view travel tumbler and here’s why.  it tells the whole story inside and out.  this tumbler creates more exposure for an advertising brand because of the tremendous imprint features.   my client can imprint on the outside of the mug, and a message on the inside of the mug as well. and if he has one more thing to say (which he usually does) he can print on the ultraview lid.  he gets the wrap-around imprinting and the options to increase his advertising value.  his whole story in 360.  lucky guy.  

do the twist:  with one minute to go i emailed the proposal and sat back in my chair. 2 minutes later the phone rings, it’s him.  don’t worry the tumbler is double wall construction, splash proof lid and the grip is comfortable.  my tumbler won his promotional heart and the finished product is award winning.

need a product to tell your story, creative-crossroads is your source for brand messaging with promotional products.   email or give a call,  407-679-1303.  can i have 60 minutes? 



the twist: push it

your brand that is.  couple of interesting articles this week crossed my desk and this one caught my attention, the changing b to b sales process.  here’s the gist:  information gathering about products and services is highly integrated, and the younger group of decision makers leave no stone unturned.  not surprising, there is a propensity for social and interactive communications and traditional media seems to be losing out.  as a good marketeer, you have a fb page, you tweet, your web site is a daily update, but i found a tech tool that will cut to the chase.

do the twist:  push your brand with this mac/pc compatible web launcher.  simply plug into a usb port and automatically launch your website…anytime…anywhere…drive traffic to your landing page and site.  think of 100 decision makers you would like to reach in the next 30 days, think $ 500.00 investment.  pick from 13 different colors, email your logo and data to be loaded.  take advantage of free shipping until 8-31-10.   need more, call for special pricing and mention this blog.

more twists:  got to love this creative solution to access data at the push of a button.   find more solutions at creative-crossroads “always creative, always promotional”  email:  or call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: a touch of practical

admitting, i am in a bit of a practical mood this week.  this was brought on by the annual cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  instead of buying back to school items, i buy new products for the kitchen.  preparing for the fall season and all the great recipes i can prepare.  there is nothing like new measuring cups, spoons, strainers, and of course the chopping board.  marketeers, people are spending more time at home which is a great, and nothing better than hanging out in the kitchen on a crisp fall day.  hence i would like to introduce you to a lifestyle promotion for your clients.

do the twist:  the 21st century cutting board helps you easily chop vegetables and fruits in minutes.  (great for smoothies)  the innovative design features a drip channel to prevent spillage.  back of board is ribbed to fortify sturdiness.  measurements are 11-7/8″ h x 11″ w x 9/16″d and dishwasher safe.  choose from 29 different colors and see your logo in every home. great item for food companies, restaurants trade shows, and cooking schools.

more twists:  hey, practical is the new cool.  and don’t forget at creative-crossroads you can find this and more lifestyle promotions.  love to get new recipes, so email your favorite.   time for lunch, call me 407-679-1303.   creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.