the twist: a touch of practical

admitting, i am in a bit of a practical mood this week.  this was brought on by the annual cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  instead of buying back to school items, i buy new products for the kitchen.  preparing for the fall season and all the great recipes i can prepare.  there is nothing like new measuring cups, spoons, strainers, and of course the chopping board.  marketeers, people are spending more time at home which is a great, and nothing better than hanging out in the kitchen on a crisp fall day.  hence i would like to introduce you to a lifestyle promotion for your clients.

do the twist:  the 21st century cutting board helps you easily chop vegetables and fruits in minutes.  (great for smoothies)  the innovative design features a drip channel to prevent spillage.  back of board is ribbed to fortify sturdiness.  measurements are 11-7/8″ h x 11″ w x 9/16″d and dishwasher safe.  choose from 29 different colors and see your logo in every home. great item for food companies, restaurants trade shows, and cooking schools.

more twists:  hey, practical is the new cool.  and don’t forget at creative-crossroads you can find this and more lifestyle promotions.  love to get new recipes, so email your favorite.   time for lunch, call me 407-679-1303.   creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.

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