the twist: brand 360

one of my clients wanted a catchy promotion that would show all of his products and services, and tell the story of his company.  i had 10 minutes to email one product idea to win this piece of business.  talk about thinking on your feet.  it took me two minutes to realize i had 10 minutes, which left 8 minutes.   (now i know how those supermarket contestants feel.)    

more twists:  with 3 minutes to go i suggested the thermal view travel tumbler and here’s why.  it tells the whole story inside and out.  this tumbler creates more exposure for an advertising brand because of the tremendous imprint features.   my client can imprint on the outside of the mug, and a message on the inside of the mug as well. and if he has one more thing to say (which he usually does) he can print on the ultraview lid.  he gets the wrap-around imprinting and the options to increase his advertising value.  his whole story in 360.  lucky guy.  

do the twist:  with one minute to go i emailed the proposal and sat back in my chair. 2 minutes later the phone rings, it’s him.  don’t worry the tumbler is double wall construction, splash proof lid and the grip is comfortable.  my tumbler won his promotional heart and the finished product is award winning.

need a product to tell your story, creative-crossroads is your source for brand messaging with promotional products.   email or give a call,  407-679-1303.  can i have 60 minutes? 


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