the twist: you said you’re from….

i admit to a late night addiction.  it’s a radio show that features the most interesting and sometimes unusual guests.  i think you know which one.  you probably listen too.   my favorite shows  feature the true ufo believers.  to these experts there is no doubt that life exists outside the universe and visits us once in a while. but the callers  amuse me most of all.  especially the ones who are forever being whisked away in silver space ships to experience the outer limits.   yes, i have seen a few space ships, the space shuttle that is.  the ones that blast off from the central florida coast and a sight to behold, especially at night.   whether it is a nasa ship or the one from the great beyond, this blogs’ for you.

do the twist:  my little alien pen might just get some interest from your clients.  no they won’t think you’re off the rails, they will think your ideas are out of this world.  he/she/it has a hi-tech chrome body over a polystyrene base, black ink and uses a standard refill. 

more twists: we earthlings at creative-crossroads seek out the best promotions to meet the ever demanding marketing strategies in today’s economy.  but just in case you are headed to area 51 or points beyond, take along some great imprinted promotions and don’t forget to tell them creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  it’s good to be a little out there.



the twist: october symphony

october brings harvest time.  october watches the summer  fade away.  october brings a birthday (no not telling).  october ushers in fall festivals filled with pumpkins and apple cider.  october reminds it is breast cancer awareness month. october invites us to think pink.  much has been written about this subject, and i want to support those who have suffered, survived and shown us how to be strong.  so many great companies have provided us with products that will reinforce the message to stand in solidarity with women around the world.  

more twists:  this  knit hat will look great on the streets or the snowy slopes, (well not in florida until january). you can wear it with or without the tassels.  80/20 wool/nylon and 100% polyester fleece lining.  your brand can be embroidered on the front, back, sides of the hat. 

do the twist:  think pink this october.   make a promotional plan to get the message out. as part of my commitment, creative-crossroads will  donate to your local breast cancer awareness charity.  when you place your order, name the charity, we’ll send the check.  let’s bring in the harvest and the CURE.