the twist: ducky

ambra decanter

a little story from my childhood.  as a kid, i had the great fortune to spend summers at my grandmother’s house.  one day she brought home a small cardboard box holding a baby duckling.  my favorite book at that time was “make way for ducklings” by robert mccloskey.  loved the mallard family.  my mother would read that book to me on her lap. now i had the real thing to nurture and care for in my lap.  what luck.  well this baby duckling grew up to be a full-grown duck i named paddle foot.  he loved to go to the beach, hang with the kids, chase a frisbee  and  generally terrorize the dogs in the neighborhood.  we let him roam free and he lived a long life.  so when i saw this ambra duck decanter i could not help but tell my ducky story.

do the twist:  the ambra duck is a mouth-blown wine decanter. the lines are so interesting.  it flows like the wine you will pour inside.  these flowing curves allow for faster aeration.  very important.   an interesting gift for wine clubs, wine tastings, wine lifestyle promotions, wineries, distributors and importers.  can’t forget about you.  visualize your logo  deep etched and  gift boxed for a beautiful presentation. 

more twists:  in vino veritas.  and why not in a lead free ducky decanter.   for more from my wine boutique, including stemware,  tumblers and stemless designs and  gifts to enhance the taste, bouquet and the wine drinking experience,  seek promotional perfection at   wine is the constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.  thank you ben franklin.   creative-crossroads promotional products, always creative, always promotional.



the twist: bringing sexy back

in a few weeks i will be celebrating 23 years in business for myself.  it has been a great experience, and I hope to continue serving my clients and earning their trust and business.  before i stepped into the “abyss” of owning a business, i worked in the marketing department of a large company. i learned a most valuable lesson from a woman who was a multi-million dollar sales producer. i had to know the secret to her success. it was a one word answer:  magnets.  it seemed so elementary, but she explained.  paper cards get tossed, magnetic cards stick to fridges and filing cabinets. when they needed her service, her magnetic card was right in front of them. it was a valuable marketing lesson for me. it is good to go back to basics. 

more twists:  the simple magnet has a new level of sophistication.  magnets come in all shapes and colors including houses, ribbons, memo boards, things to do lists, sport balls, puzzle pieces, and the  popular message magnet.  magnets can be sealed on post cards for direct mail campaigns.  create your own custom copy.  consider a 2011 magnetic calendar project.  include one in your holiday greeting cards.  i think you see the possibilities.

do the twist:  magnetic promotions are bring sexy back to the filing cabinet.   i want to attract your business and you want to attract more business, so let’s get together.  for this and more great promotions to assist you in delivering the experience,  creative-crossroads.  waiting for your call at 407-679-1303 or email  they say opposites attract, but i think we are on the same page.