the twist: now voyager

when i think back, i used to travel like a real goof ball.  truly remarkable how much stuff i used to pack for a trip including the hot rollers, the curling iron, the hair dryer, a bag of peppermint patties, and my ever trusty iron, yes my iron and niagra spray starch (full size).   now you’re thinking “real goof ball”.   5 star hotels were not always on the agenda.  and one must always look neat and tidy, no matter how many hours on the road.   fast forward, technology to the rescue.  i discovered this voyager travel iron with built-in sewing kit and thought  “genius”…and i had to share it with you.

more twists:  this unique mouse shaped 15-25 W travel iron has the following features, a non-stick sole plate, an integrated sewing kit, and its own grey cloth protection bag.  you can dry iron with a steady 170 degree celsius (338 fahrenheit) temperature.  for the sake of safety, the iron has  built-in heating safety protection, pilot light and a UL plug. 

do the twist:  my dream travel iron is great for your clients who need to look like a million for the big deal.  for this and more neatly pressed travel promotions visit creative-crossroads.  remembering the words of the great billy crystal, “it doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look”  and at creative-crossroads,  my promotions will make your brand  look marvelous.  always creative, always promotional.  give a call….



the twist: om

it‘s that time of year to practice radical relaxation.  holiday music  has started, the lines are forming, stress levels are trending up.  and bless you if you find yourself at the airport.  as your promotional specialist, i offer a few reminders:  imagine positive outcomes in all situations, use your great problem-solving skills, breathe, find a quiet place and just let go for a few minutes. 

more twists:  here’s a promo solution to put you and your clients in a new york state of mind.   consider the 12 oz. white frosted glass soy votive candle.  choose from over 12 soft fragrances and colors packaged in a black and white designed gift box.  your logo can be printed on one or two sides or a complete wrap around.  soy is environmentally friendly and this candle is made in the usa. 

do the twist:  now that you are relaxing and the stress is just melting away, close your eyes and repeat, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  om…


the twist: fleece navidad


jodie's great travel blanket

i admit that i completely missed the turning of the clocks.  after i googled, “does anybody know what time it is”with a cup of java in hand, it hit me, the turkeys are not far off followed by the winter solstice.  marketeers it is time to order calendars,  cookies and the  more meaningful gifts that really showcase your brand.  and let’s add something soft and cozy like fleece.  

more twists:  fleece is fabulous, and why not give away a beautiful fleece travel blanket.  this one measures 50″ x 60″ , anti-pilling with whipstiching, available in so many colors.  i can imprint  or embroider your logo and for  a few more pennies you can add a carry strap.  and who doesn’t like a nice blankie soft and cozy with your logo after this crazy year.  wrap up some great new business for 2011. imagine the possibilities.  i think gifting this year will be more functional for the price conscious. and the fleece blanket is a perfect selection.  and believe me if i was traveling this winter, i would bring my own blanket.  no questions there.

do the twist:  fleece is fun,  fashionable, and washes like a dream.  and at creative-crossroads you won’t get fleeced.  just creative branding for you my exceptional clients at competitive prices.   and thanks to my new clients who are part of the experience, spread the word, creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional. 

the twist: wrap it up

  the most important message i can share this week is the benefit of exercise and staying healthy.  whether you bike, run, walk, or just stretch out (and not on the couch)  make sure that you are visible to the world when you venture outside.  with the new time changes going into effect, and people staring at their smart phones and not paying attention to the road (you know who you are), a reflective armband is just what the exercise coach ordered

do the twist:  my reflective armband is a great way to let the world know you are out there, working it.  it comes in a variety of colors and will include a 1-color imprint of your logo and copy.  great for the teen, adult and senior market, anyone who ventures outside can be well equipped with a flourescent wrap band. 

more twists:  don’t wait until the  new year.  wrap your arms around a great exercise program and add an arm band to keep you visible.  reflective bands and stickers are great for bikes, shoes, even pets.  ask about this product and other safety ideas at creative-crossroads.  reflect your brand and make this product part of your corporate safety program, wise one.