the twist: wrap it up

  the most important message i can share this week is the benefit of exercise and staying healthy.  whether you bike, run, walk, or just stretch out (and not on the couch)  make sure that you are visible to the world when you venture outside.  with the new time changes going into effect, and people staring at their smart phones and not paying attention to the road (you know who you are), a reflective armband is just what the exercise coach ordered

do the twist:  my reflective armband is a great way to let the world know you are out there, working it.  it comes in a variety of colors and will include a 1-color imprint of your logo and copy.  great for the teen, adult and senior market, anyone who ventures outside can be well equipped with a flourescent wrap band. 

more twists:  don’t wait until the  new year.  wrap your arms around a great exercise program and add an arm band to keep you visible.  reflective bands and stickers are great for bikes, shoes, even pets.  ask about this product and other safety ideas at creative-crossroads.  reflect your brand and make this product part of your corporate safety program, wise one.

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