the twist: now voyager

when i think back, i used to travel like a real goof ball.  truly remarkable how much stuff i used to pack for a trip including the hot rollers, the curling iron, the hair dryer, a bag of peppermint patties, and my ever trusty iron, yes my iron and niagra spray starch (full size).   now you’re thinking “real goof ball”.   5 star hotels were not always on the agenda.  and one must always look neat and tidy, no matter how many hours on the road.   fast forward, technology to the rescue.  i discovered this voyager travel iron with built-in sewing kit and thought  “genius”…and i had to share it with you.

more twists:  this unique mouse shaped 15-25 W travel iron has the following features, a non-stick sole plate, an integrated sewing kit, and its own grey cloth protection bag.  you can dry iron with a steady 170 degree celsius (338 fahrenheit) temperature.  for the sake of safety, the iron has  built-in heating safety protection, pilot light and a UL plug. 

do the twist:  my dream travel iron is great for your clients who need to look like a million for the big deal.  for this and more neatly pressed travel promotions visit creative-crossroads.  remembering the words of the great billy crystal, “it doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look”  and at creative-crossroads,  my promotions will make your brand  look marvelous.  always creative, always promotional.  give a call….


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