the twist: a little kitsch

well the weather outside is frightful, if you are living in florida this week.  but as the song goes, it’s that time of year.  and in a couple of weeks, the new year will be upon us.  new year revelers always  bring out the kitsch, the feathered party hats, oversized glitzy eyeglasses emblazoned with the new year, sparkling noise makers, fireworks,  freezing tourists in times square, and lots of bubbly. so you have to admit these champagne sequined glasses are over the top kitsch and should really get the party started.

more twists:  these celebratory gold glitter champagne sunglasses are just the touch to greet 2011.  and here’s the bonus, each pair is manufactured with 400 UV protection from the sun or the morning of january 1.  aspirin.  your brand can be imprinted on the temple.  the best part, you can use these for any celebration or happy occasion in 2011.  a great promotion for restaurants, champagne distributors, wine bars, event planners, country clubs and anyplace people gather to celebrate.

 do the twist:  like you i hope for all good things in the new year. enjoy a little fun and be safe as we welcome 2011.   you definitely want to be part of the great year i have planned for you at creative-crossroads.  lots of new ideas to brand your logo and share the marketing love.  creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional. 

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