the twist: “Y”

the “Y” project  landed on my desk  a few weeks ago.  find a product under $ 2.00 that will help maintain a healthy lifestyle and it must not leave the house.  well there are lots of products on the market that i included in my initial presentation.  but as i got to thinking what is the most important message we hear over and over…eat your fruits and vegetables.  mother was right and research has proven her point.  5 a day is the healthy way.  so off  i went to my client with the “Y”. 

do the twist:   the deluxe “Y”  is  fruit and veggie peeler made from fda approved food grade plastic.  it’s  non-toxic, lead free and dishwasher safe.   kitchen accessories are excellent choices to keep your brand  name in front of your clients. a great promotion for many different industries, realtors,  construction,  caterers, nutritional advocates, school fairs, and the list goes on. 

more twists:  my client loves the “Y” and is developing a great marketing strategy to go along with her facebook and social media outreach. it will include a few tips and  recipes about  the 5.   i love happy clients and healthy ones too.  so if you are ready to slice, dice, scoop, measure, whisk  or just peel away creative-crossroads is your place to find the most interesting promotions to get your brand on the move.  email if you would like my favorite green drink recipe.  yes you will need the peeler but worth it.

creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.

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