the twist: got fresh?

mints are a very popular branded give-away at trade shows and conferences.  and the packaging is very unique.  from the classic mint card and domed tins to a zipper tin that also features jelly beans,  i wanted to show you some clever ways to brand your logo and keep it fresh. 

do the twist:  take a step in the right direction with the sneaker tin full of mints.  great for youth programs, charity walks.  the zipper tin is perfect for recreational events.  you can attach the tin to your gym, golf or favorite bag.  nothing like a little treat on the run.  the larger than life dice tin  will get your sales program on a roll.  finally the home sweet home tin isn’t just for real estate.  think of all the industries that center around the home.  alarm company, electrician, plumber, roofer, banker or candlestick maker?  i’ve got you covered. 

more twists:    creative-crossroads is full of fresh  promotions that will drive your sales and grow your business.  spearmint, peppermint wintergreen, hey, it’s good to be fresh.

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