the twist: footsie

when you were a kid, you probably played footsie under the table with some  hunky friend your older cousin brought home for dinner. (not that i’m admitting to anything)   now you just go to trade shows in large convention centers, the concrete caves of commerce in your jimmy choes or your loubou stilettos (quelle horreur) and wonder how you are going to get your feet out of bed in the morning and greet your co-workers with a smile.  aching feet are no fun, and with all the running we do today in airports, trade shows or skyscrapers,  a clever company has come up with a clever solution.  meet the footzyrolls.

more twists:  small and practical, the footzyrolls are compact, flat, foldable shoes for women that fit inside a clutch, purse or one of my eco-friendly bags.  water-resistant, skid-resistant, very couture, and packaged in a footzypouch with your logo prominently displayed.  give this to your celebrity clients at a trade show or getting ready to fly to the next global meeting, her feet will feel like a celebrity.  available in 15 colors,  sizes, small-xl and there’s more.  you can wear them outside, machine wash and check out the snake-skin pattern.

do the twist:  marketing strategists want to impress the ladies,  just remember the lyrics from ms. patti labelle, when the lady is feelin’ good from her  head to her shoes,  she will have that new attitude, which might translate into a million dollar account for you.  for more promotions that will fashion up your brand  think creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.