the twist: a little bamboo with l’hommage to woody allen

Credit: Broadway Danny Rose

 “Broadway Danny Rose

One of my favorite Woody movies is BDR. It is the story of Danny Rose, theatrical agent (played by Woody Allen) who has the craziest New York adventure with Tina Vitale, (played by Mia Farrow). In a classic scene, Tina comments on Danny’s “darling it’s rent controlled” apartment. She envisions a room full of pink pillows and lots of bamboo. Little did we know that Tina was a decorator way ahead of her time. Today bamboo is the buzzword in environmentally friendly products, good luck and prosperity. So this week we bring you a little bamboo.

do the twist: Our two stalk bamboo plant is packaged in a natural cotton bag. The hang tag is attached and customized with your logo and copy. Share some luck with your favorite clients, maybe some will come back to you.

more twists: we might never find out what happened to Eddie Clark’s penguins, Angelina or the balloon folders, but you can find more eco-friendly products at and catch the 1984 black and white classic.