the twist: every drop counts

a few months ago, national geographic dedicated an entire issue to water.  it is estimated that by the year 2050, one-third of the people of the earth may lack a clean, secure source of water.  and consider this:  “if the millions of women who haul water long distances had a faucet by the door, whole societies could be transformed.”  we are so blessed to just turn on the tap and enjoy a nice cold glass of water, add some ice and a wedge of lemon.   but we are not without resources and technologies to make sure that clean water becomes a reality for everybody. so  here is a little product that might encourage some big ideas;  the eco water saver. 

do the twist:   my eco water saver is a twist action 5 minute shower timer with suction mount.  the timer is shatter resistant and the plastic body is 70% recycled.  It is perfect for hotels, water districts, cities, colleges, cruise lines and home developers.  it might not seem like a lot, but every drop counts.  

more twistscreative-crossroads is dedicated to clean water projects, and we support water charity.  for more great eco water and energy savers and powerful promotions, please visit us on the web or give a call 407-679-1303.

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