the twist: fleece navidad


jodie's great travel blanket

i admit that i completely missed the turning of the clocks.  after i googled, “does anybody know what time it is”with a cup of java in hand, it hit me, the turkeys are not far off followed by the winter solstice.  marketeers it is time to order calendars,  cookies and the  more meaningful gifts that really showcase your brand.  and let’s add something soft and cozy like fleece.  

more twists:  fleece is fabulous, and why not give away a beautiful fleece travel blanket.  this one measures 50″ x 60″ , anti-pilling with whipstiching, available in so many colors.  i can imprint  or embroider your logo and for  a few more pennies you can add a carry strap.  and who doesn’t like a nice blankie soft and cozy with your logo after this crazy year.  wrap up some great new business for 2011. imagine the possibilities.  i think gifting this year will be more functional for the price conscious. and the fleece blanket is a perfect selection.  and believe me if i was traveling this winter, i would bring my own blanket.  no questions there.

do the twist:  fleece is fun,  fashionable, and washes like a dream.  and at creative-crossroads you won’t get fleeced.  just creative branding for you my exceptional clients at competitive prices.   and thanks to my new clients who are part of the experience, spread the word, creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.