the twist: advertising: way back then

Gilmore's Garden, New York Philharmonic Society, 1878 New York

Handsome Presents Given Away with Tea & Coffee at Remers, Auburn, NY
Hood’s Sarsaparilla, Lowell, MA
Holiday Goods, Stowell & Co. 24 Winter Street

Hope Mfg. Co. Toy Manufacturers, Providence, RI

i am always on the hunt for old advertising promotions.  recently i wandered into an old paper show and found some amazing treasures.  so take a journey with me to 1878 -1910 and see how they did it way back then.  i think these die cut images are just beautiful.  perhaps used as direct mail pieces or presented to customers for patronage, they have survived for us to enjoy.  what do you think they will say about our work in a hundred years?

Dr. Benson's Celery & Chamomile Pills After Tea and Coffee, Bath, ME


the twist: money, yeah that’s what i want

lots of money.   i don’t know about you, but i am so sad with all of this economic newsbad unemployment numbers, the morning mantras buy this sell that;  no wait  sell that buy this;  gold gold, stimulus, son of stimulus and now the omaha buffet.  yikes.  so until it all shakes out get on with business with the million dollar big bucks note pad.  seriously who doesn’t want a million.

 more twists:  this notepad measures 3-1/2″ x 7-13/16″.  The million dollar federal reserve note is printed on one side and your logo and copy fits perfectly on the 2nd side.  each notepad is worth 50 sheets or 50 million.   

do the twist:  at creative-crossroads we are over the economic yaya’s.  getting on with business is the most important thing we can do to help get this country and our friends back to work.  at creative-crossroads, i have a slew of million dollar ideas that can get your business back on track.  hey who’s that handsome hunk on the note?  for this and more promotions to make you a million, it’s creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.

the twist: “Y”

the “Y” project  landed on my desk  a few weeks ago.  find a product under $ 2.00 that will help maintain a healthy lifestyle and it must not leave the house.  well there are lots of products on the market that i included in my initial presentation.  but as i got to thinking what is the most important message we hear over and over…eat your fruits and vegetables.  mother was right and research has proven her point.  5 a day is the healthy way.  so off  i went to my client with the “Y”. 

do the twist:   the deluxe “Y”  is  fruit and veggie peeler made from fda approved food grade plastic.  it’s  non-toxic, lead free and dishwasher safe.   kitchen accessories are excellent choices to keep your brand  name in front of your clients. a great promotion for many different industries, realtors,  construction,  caterers, nutritional advocates, school fairs, and the list goes on. 

more twists:  my client loves the “Y” and is developing a great marketing strategy to go along with her facebook and social media outreach. it will include a few tips and  recipes about  the 5.   i love happy clients and healthy ones too.  so if you are ready to slice, dice, scoop, measure, whisk  or just peel away creative-crossroads is your place to find the most interesting promotions to get your brand on the move.  email if you would like my favorite green drink recipe.  yes you will need the peeler but worth it.

creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.

the twist: tow trucks and cary grant

i love tow trucks, i love cary grant,  i love tow trucks driven by cary grant.  well almost,  so welcome to my thursday afternoon. truly there is nothing worse than the car stalling on the way to an important client meeting in busy traffic.  i found myself completely freaked out as this has never happened to me before.  what’s a girl to do.  triple aaa, i let that expire, but mark my great mechanic sent the tow truck.  and emerging from the flat-bed truck comes the cary clone.  i felt like i was in one of those movies when the action goes slow motion while reaching for your lip gloss, like that will help.  let me put it another way, this guy was his own 13 month calendar.  which brings me to my point.  promotional products  reduce stress.

do the twiststress relievers have always been popular trade show gifts.  they started out with simple shapes and designs but today the stress comes in themes and shapes for every industry on the planet and into the wild.     

more twists:  it’s a new year and the right  time for you to let creative-crossroads introduce new and clever promotions that will increase your sales, introduce your new product, get the herds to stop by your booth and reduce your stress.  kick the 2011 plan into gear.  in the next few weeks hundreds of new products will be available. watch the web site.  now back to the car.  almost fixed…minor glitch.  on my way….namaste

creative-crossroadsalways creative, always promotional.

the twist: now voyager

when i think back, i used to travel like a real goof ball.  truly remarkable how much stuff i used to pack for a trip including the hot rollers, the curling iron, the hair dryer, a bag of peppermint patties, and my ever trusty iron, yes my iron and niagra spray starch (full size).   now you’re thinking “real goof ball”.   5 star hotels were not always on the agenda.  and one must always look neat and tidy, no matter how many hours on the road.   fast forward, technology to the rescue.  i discovered this voyager travel iron with built-in sewing kit and thought  “genius”…and i had to share it with you.

more twists:  this unique mouse shaped 15-25 W travel iron has the following features, a non-stick sole plate, an integrated sewing kit, and its own grey cloth protection bag.  you can dry iron with a steady 170 degree celsius (338 fahrenheit) temperature.  for the sake of safety, the iron has  built-in heating safety protection, pilot light and a UL plug. 

do the twist:  my dream travel iron is great for your clients who need to look like a million for the big deal.  for this and more neatly pressed travel promotions visit creative-crossroads.  remembering the words of the great billy crystal, “it doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look”  and at creative-crossroads,  my promotions will make your brand  look marvelous.  always creative, always promotional.  give a call….


the twist: om

it‘s that time of year to practice radical relaxation.  holiday music  has started, the lines are forming, stress levels are trending up.  and bless you if you find yourself at the airport.  as your promotional specialist, i offer a few reminders:  imagine positive outcomes in all situations, use your great problem-solving skills, breathe, find a quiet place and just let go for a few minutes. 

more twists:  here’s a promo solution to put you and your clients in a new york state of mind.   consider the 12 oz. white frosted glass soy votive candle.  choose from over 12 soft fragrances and colors packaged in a black and white designed gift box.  your logo can be printed on one or two sides or a complete wrap around.  soy is environmentally friendly and this candle is made in the usa. 

do the twist:  now that you are relaxing and the stress is just melting away, close your eyes and repeat, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  om…


the twist: ducky

ambra decanter

a little story from my childhood.  as a kid, i had the great fortune to spend summers at my grandmother’s house.  one day she brought home a small cardboard box holding a baby duckling.  my favorite book at that time was “make way for ducklings” by robert mccloskey.  loved the mallard family.  my mother would read that book to me on her lap. now i had the real thing to nurture and care for in my lap.  what luck.  well this baby duckling grew up to be a full-grown duck i named paddle foot.  he loved to go to the beach, hang with the kids, chase a frisbee  and  generally terrorize the dogs in the neighborhood.  we let him roam free and he lived a long life.  so when i saw this ambra duck decanter i could not help but tell my ducky story.

do the twist:  the ambra duck is a mouth-blown wine decanter. the lines are so interesting.  it flows like the wine you will pour inside.  these flowing curves allow for faster aeration.  very important.   an interesting gift for wine clubs, wine tastings, wine lifestyle promotions, wineries, distributors and importers.  can’t forget about you.  visualize your logo  deep etched and  gift boxed for a beautiful presentation. 

more twists:  in vino veritas.  and why not in a lead free ducky decanter.   for more from my wine boutique, including stemware,  tumblers and stemless designs and  gifts to enhance the taste, bouquet and the wine drinking experience,  seek promotional perfection at   wine is the constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.  thank you ben franklin.   creative-crossroads promotional products, always creative, always promotional.


the twist: bringing sexy back

in a few weeks i will be celebrating 23 years in business for myself.  it has been a great experience, and I hope to continue serving my clients and earning their trust and business.  before i stepped into the “abyss” of owning a business, i worked in the marketing department of a large company. i learned a most valuable lesson from a woman who was a multi-million dollar sales producer. i had to know the secret to her success. it was a one word answer:  magnets.  it seemed so elementary, but she explained.  paper cards get tossed, magnetic cards stick to fridges and filing cabinets. when they needed her service, her magnetic card was right in front of them. it was a valuable marketing lesson for me. it is good to go back to basics. 

more twists:  the simple magnet has a new level of sophistication.  magnets come in all shapes and colors including houses, ribbons, memo boards, things to do lists, sport balls, puzzle pieces, and the  popular message magnet.  magnets can be sealed on post cards for direct mail campaigns.  create your own custom copy.  consider a 2011 magnetic calendar project.  include one in your holiday greeting cards.  i think you see the possibilities.

do the twist:  magnetic promotions are bring sexy back to the filing cabinet.   i want to attract your business and you want to attract more business, so let’s get together.  for this and more great promotions to assist you in delivering the experience,  creative-crossroads.  waiting for your call at 407-679-1303 or email  they say opposites attract, but i think we are on the same page.


the twist: october symphony

october brings harvest time.  october watches the summer  fade away.  october brings a birthday (no not telling).  october ushers in fall festivals filled with pumpkins and apple cider.  october reminds it is breast cancer awareness month. october invites us to think pink.  much has been written about this subject, and i want to support those who have suffered, survived and shown us how to be strong.  so many great companies have provided us with products that will reinforce the message to stand in solidarity with women around the world.  

more twists:  this  knit hat will look great on the streets or the snowy slopes, (well not in florida until january). you can wear it with or without the tassels.  80/20 wool/nylon and 100% polyester fleece lining.  your brand can be embroidered on the front, back, sides of the hat. 

do the twist:  think pink this october.   make a promotional plan to get the message out. as part of my commitment, creative-crossroads will  donate to your local breast cancer awareness charity.  when you place your order, name the charity, we’ll send the check.  let’s bring in the harvest and the CURE.


the twist: push it

your brand that is.  couple of interesting articles this week crossed my desk and this one caught my attention, the changing b to b sales process.  here’s the gist:  information gathering about products and services is highly integrated, and the younger group of decision makers leave no stone unturned.  not surprising, there is a propensity for social and interactive communications and traditional media seems to be losing out.  as a good marketeer, you have a fb page, you tweet, your web site is a daily update, but i found a tech tool that will cut to the chase.

do the twist:  push your brand with this mac/pc compatible web launcher.  simply plug into a usb port and automatically launch your website…anytime…anywhere…drive traffic to your landing page and site.  think of 100 decision makers you would like to reach in the next 30 days, think $ 500.00 investment.  pick from 13 different colors, email your logo and data to be loaded.  take advantage of free shipping until 8-31-10.   need more, call for special pricing and mention this blog.

more twists:  got to love this creative solution to access data at the push of a button.   find more solutions at creative-crossroads “always creative, always promotional”  email:  or call 407-679-1303.

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