the twist: message in a bottle


 “shown above is not an ordinary ship in a bottle, it’s an eight-foot tall replica of the HMS Victory that will spend the next 18 months on the fourth plinth in trafalgar square, London.  nelson’s ship in a bottle by yinka shonibare  commemorates the battle of trafalgar and the 50th anniversary of nigerian independence. ”  ships and messages in a  bottle have always fascinated me.  my great-uncle had a wonderful collection, and it always piqued my imagination.  perhaps the mystery of it all, finding a sea worn bottle with letters and trinkets is the ultimate treasure find.  

more twists: create your own promotional message in a bottle. announce new products, a cool invitation to a trade show, introduce  new sales teams, let your imagination go to work.   the best part  it’s postal friendly.  and we can do the mailing for you. customize your 4-color label, your message on printed parchment paper, add a little tinsel, and your own trinkets if you like. let your clients discover your creativity and who wouldn’t want to find out what’s inside. 

custom message in a bottle

do the twist: if you can’t get to london to see the big ship in the bottle, go down to the sea on a wild and windy night and look around, or rent the movie “message in a bottle” or listen to the police classic. if i caught you thinking about this great promotion, let me help you discover more great treasures at creative-crossroads.  on this memorial day week-end take a moment to  remember those who have died in our nation’s service.  be mindful, be safe.