the twist: want to get your phone back (keep reading)

There is nothing worse than losing the smart phone or the mobile device that runs your life. Misplaced and lost phones cause stress, panic and a desire to set your hair on fire. Know the feeling…

do the twist: TrackItBack is the world’s largest lost and found recovery service. By placing the loyalty id tag on your portable item and activating its unique code online, you can rest assured that when you lose your portable item and it is found, it will be returned to you from anywhere in the world – for Free. You will remember the company that gave you this real value promotional item. You might even suggest that your company do the same.

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the twist: giving back

After surviving a series of hurricanes back in 2004, I realized a person without water is a person in trouble.  We got our water back in good time…the harsh reality, millions do not have the luxury of clean water.  That is why I have chosen to support Water Charity and their tremendous work around the world bringing wells, clean water and hope to millions.

do the twist:  purchase any imprinted drinkware from Creative Crossroads, and we will donate 10% of the proceeds directly to Water Charity   From a paper cup to a champagne flute, it all counts towards clean water.  There is no limit to  this offer.

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the twist update:  just completed our first project in the village of kerr-auldi the gambia.  thanks to our clients who needed some first class drinkware, the residents will have some first class pumps.