the twist: now voyager

when i think back, i used to travel like a real goof ball.  truly remarkable how much stuff i used to pack for a trip including the hot rollers, the curling iron, the hair dryer, a bag of peppermint patties, and my ever trusty iron, yes my iron and niagra spray starch (full size).   now you’re thinking “real goof ball”.   5 star hotels were not always on the agenda.  and one must always look neat and tidy, no matter how many hours on the road.   fast forward, technology to the rescue.  i discovered this voyager travel iron with built-in sewing kit and thought  “genius”…and i had to share it with you.

more twists:  this unique mouse shaped 15-25 W travel iron has the following features, a non-stick sole plate, an integrated sewing kit, and its own grey cloth protection bag.  you can dry iron with a steady 170 degree celsius (338 fahrenheit) temperature.  for the sake of safety, the iron has  built-in heating safety protection, pilot light and a UL plug. 

do the twist:  my dream travel iron is great for your clients who need to look like a million for the big deal.  for this and more neatly pressed travel promotions visit creative-crossroads.  remembering the words of the great billy crystal, “it doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look”  and at creative-crossroads,  my promotions will make your brand  look marvelous.  always creative, always promotional.  give a call….



the twist: push it

your brand that is.  couple of interesting articles this week crossed my desk and this one caught my attention, the changing b to b sales process.  here’s the gist:  information gathering about products and services is highly integrated, and the younger group of decision makers leave no stone unturned.  not surprising, there is a propensity for social and interactive communications and traditional media seems to be losing out.  as a good marketeer, you have a fb page, you tweet, your web site is a daily update, but i found a tech tool that will cut to the chase.

do the twist:  push your brand with this mac/pc compatible web launcher.  simply plug into a usb port and automatically launch your website…anytime…anywhere…drive traffic to your landing page and site.  think of 100 decision makers you would like to reach in the next 30 days, think $ 500.00 investment.  pick from 13 different colors, email your logo and data to be loaded.  take advantage of free shipping until 8-31-10.   need more, call for special pricing and mention this blog.

more twists:  got to love this creative solution to access data at the push of a button.   find more solutions at creative-crossroads “always creative, always promotional”  email:  or call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: a real fine place to start (a true story)

client says: i have created the perfect web site
i say: can’t wait to see it

client says: now I need to generate traffic to the site
i say: just one click

client says: a web key mouse?
i say: one click on top opens up your web browser and takes you directly to your site

client says: brand my logo
i say: smarty pants

do the twist: web key and travel mouse 2 in one item features retractable cord and scrolling wheel. pharma compliant when set to an educational website.
so get connected.

more twists: find out what is new and hot in technology and computer accessories.

the twist: want to get your phone back (keep reading)

There is nothing worse than losing the smart phone or the mobile device that runs your life. Misplaced and lost phones cause stress, panic and a desire to set your hair on fire. Know the feeling…

do the twist: TrackItBack is the world’s largest lost and found recovery service. By placing the loyalty id tag on your portable item and activating its unique code online, you can rest assured that when you lose your portable item and it is found, it will be returned to you from anywhere in the world – for Free. You will remember the company that gave you this real value promotional item. You might even suggest that your company do the same.

more twists:
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