the twist: a real fine place to start (a true story)

client says: i have created the perfect web site
i say: can’t wait to see it

client says: now I need to generate traffic to the site
i say: just one click

client says: a web key mouse?
i say: one click on top opens up your web browser and takes you directly to your site

client says: brand my logo
i say: smarty pants

do the twist: web key and travel mouse 2 in one item features retractable cord and scrolling wheel. pharma compliant when set to an educational website.
so get connected.

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the twist: want to get your phone back (keep reading)

There is nothing worse than losing the smart phone or the mobile device that runs your life. Misplaced and lost phones cause stress, panic and a desire to set your hair on fire. Know the feeling…

do the twist: TrackItBack is the world’s largest lost and found recovery service. By placing the loyalty id tag on your portable item and activating its unique code online, you can rest assured that when you lose your portable item and it is found, it will be returned to you from anywhere in the world – for Free. You will remember the company that gave you this real value promotional item. You might even suggest that your company do the same.

more twists:
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