the twist: om

it‘s that time of year to practice radical relaxation.  holiday music  has started, the lines are forming, stress levels are trending up.  and bless you if you find yourself at the airport.  as your promotional specialist, i offer a few reminders:  imagine positive outcomes in all situations, use your great problem-solving skills, breathe, find a quiet place and just let go for a few minutes. 

more twists:  here’s a promo solution to put you and your clients in a new york state of mind.   consider the 12 oz. white frosted glass soy votive candle.  choose from over 12 soft fragrances and colors packaged in a black and white designed gift box.  your logo can be printed on one or two sides or a complete wrap around.  soy is environmentally friendly and this candle is made in the usa. 

do the twist:  now that you are relaxing and the stress is just melting away, close your eyes and repeat, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  om…



the twist: fleece navidad


jodie's great travel blanket

i admit that i completely missed the turning of the clocks.  after i googled, “does anybody know what time it is”with a cup of java in hand, it hit me, the turkeys are not far off followed by the winter solstice.  marketeers it is time to order calendars,  cookies and the  more meaningful gifts that really showcase your brand.  and let’s add something soft and cozy like fleece.  

more twists:  fleece is fabulous, and why not give away a beautiful fleece travel blanket.  this one measures 50″ x 60″ , anti-pilling with whipstiching, available in so many colors.  i can imprint  or embroider your logo and for  a few more pennies you can add a carry strap.  and who doesn’t like a nice blankie soft and cozy with your logo after this crazy year.  wrap up some great new business for 2011. imagine the possibilities.  i think gifting this year will be more functional for the price conscious. and the fleece blanket is a perfect selection.  and believe me if i was traveling this winter, i would bring my own blanket.  no questions there.

do the twist:  fleece is fun,  fashionable, and washes like a dream.  and at creative-crossroads you won’t get fleeced.  just creative branding for you my exceptional clients at competitive prices.   and thanks to my new clients who are part of the experience, spread the word, creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional. 

the twist: wrap it up

  the most important message i can share this week is the benefit of exercise and staying healthy.  whether you bike, run, walk, or just stretch out (and not on the couch)  make sure that you are visible to the world when you venture outside.  with the new time changes going into effect, and people staring at their smart phones and not paying attention to the road (you know who you are), a reflective armband is just what the exercise coach ordered

do the twist:  my reflective armband is a great way to let the world know you are out there, working it.  it comes in a variety of colors and will include a 1-color imprint of your logo and copy.  great for the teen, adult and senior market, anyone who ventures outside can be well equipped with a flourescent wrap band. 

more twists:  don’t wait until the  new year.  wrap your arms around a great exercise program and add an arm band to keep you visible.  reflective bands and stickers are great for bikes, shoes, even pets.  ask about this product and other safety ideas at creative-crossroads.  reflect your brand and make this product part of your corporate safety program, wise one.

the twist: ducky

ambra decanter

a little story from my childhood.  as a kid, i had the great fortune to spend summers at my grandmother’s house.  one day she brought home a small cardboard box holding a baby duckling.  my favorite book at that time was “make way for ducklings” by robert mccloskey.  loved the mallard family.  my mother would read that book to me on her lap. now i had the real thing to nurture and care for in my lap.  what luck.  well this baby duckling grew up to be a full-grown duck i named paddle foot.  he loved to go to the beach, hang with the kids, chase a frisbee  and  generally terrorize the dogs in the neighborhood.  we let him roam free and he lived a long life.  so when i saw this ambra duck decanter i could not help but tell my ducky story.

do the twist:  the ambra duck is a mouth-blown wine decanter. the lines are so interesting.  it flows like the wine you will pour inside.  these flowing curves allow for faster aeration.  very important.   an interesting gift for wine clubs, wine tastings, wine lifestyle promotions, wineries, distributors and importers.  can’t forget about you.  visualize your logo  deep etched and  gift boxed for a beautiful presentation. 

more twists:  in vino veritas.  and why not in a lead free ducky decanter.   for more from my wine boutique, including stemware,  tumblers and stemless designs and  gifts to enhance the taste, bouquet and the wine drinking experience,  seek promotional perfection at   wine is the constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.  thank you ben franklin.   creative-crossroads promotional products, always creative, always promotional.


the twist: bringing sexy back

in a few weeks i will be celebrating 23 years in business for myself.  it has been a great experience, and I hope to continue serving my clients and earning their trust and business.  before i stepped into the “abyss” of owning a business, i worked in the marketing department of a large company. i learned a most valuable lesson from a woman who was a multi-million dollar sales producer. i had to know the secret to her success. it was a one word answer:  magnets.  it seemed so elementary, but she explained.  paper cards get tossed, magnetic cards stick to fridges and filing cabinets. when they needed her service, her magnetic card was right in front of them. it was a valuable marketing lesson for me. it is good to go back to basics. 

more twists:  the simple magnet has a new level of sophistication.  magnets come in all shapes and colors including houses, ribbons, memo boards, things to do lists, sport balls, puzzle pieces, and the  popular message magnet.  magnets can be sealed on post cards for direct mail campaigns.  create your own custom copy.  consider a 2011 magnetic calendar project.  include one in your holiday greeting cards.  i think you see the possibilities.

do the twist:  magnetic promotions are bring sexy back to the filing cabinet.   i want to attract your business and you want to attract more business, so let’s get together.  for this and more great promotions to assist you in delivering the experience,  creative-crossroads.  waiting for your call at 407-679-1303 or email  they say opposites attract, but i think we are on the same page.


the twist: you said you’re from….

i admit to a late night addiction.  it’s a radio show that features the most interesting and sometimes unusual guests.  i think you know which one.  you probably listen too.   my favorite shows  feature the true ufo believers.  to these experts there is no doubt that life exists outside the universe and visits us once in a while. but the callers  amuse me most of all.  especially the ones who are forever being whisked away in silver space ships to experience the outer limits.   yes, i have seen a few space ships, the space shuttle that is.  the ones that blast off from the central florida coast and a sight to behold, especially at night.   whether it is a nasa ship or the one from the great beyond, this blogs’ for you.

do the twist:  my little alien pen might just get some interest from your clients.  no they won’t think you’re off the rails, they will think your ideas are out of this world.  he/she/it has a hi-tech chrome body over a polystyrene base, black ink and uses a standard refill. 

more twists: we earthlings at creative-crossroads seek out the best promotions to meet the ever demanding marketing strategies in today’s economy.  but just in case you are headed to area 51 or points beyond, take along some great imprinted promotions and don’t forget to tell them creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  it’s good to be a little out there.


the twist: october symphony

october brings harvest time.  october watches the summer  fade away.  october brings a birthday (no not telling).  october ushers in fall festivals filled with pumpkins and apple cider.  october reminds it is breast cancer awareness month. october invites us to think pink.  much has been written about this subject, and i want to support those who have suffered, survived and shown us how to be strong.  so many great companies have provided us with products that will reinforce the message to stand in solidarity with women around the world.  

more twists:  this  knit hat will look great on the streets or the snowy slopes, (well not in florida until january). you can wear it with or without the tassels.  80/20 wool/nylon and 100% polyester fleece lining.  your brand can be embroidered on the front, back, sides of the hat. 

do the twist:  think pink this october.   make a promotional plan to get the message out. as part of my commitment, creative-crossroads will  donate to your local breast cancer awareness charity.  when you place your order, name the charity, we’ll send the check.  let’s bring in the harvest and the CURE.


the twist: brand 360

one of my clients wanted a catchy promotion that would show all of his products and services, and tell the story of his company.  i had 10 minutes to email one product idea to win this piece of business.  talk about thinking on your feet.  it took me two minutes to realize i had 10 minutes, which left 8 minutes.   (now i know how those supermarket contestants feel.)    

more twists:  with 3 minutes to go i suggested the thermal view travel tumbler and here’s why.  it tells the whole story inside and out.  this tumbler creates more exposure for an advertising brand because of the tremendous imprint features.   my client can imprint on the outside of the mug, and a message on the inside of the mug as well. and if he has one more thing to say (which he usually does) he can print on the ultraview lid.  he gets the wrap-around imprinting and the options to increase his advertising value.  his whole story in 360.  lucky guy.  

do the twist:  with one minute to go i emailed the proposal and sat back in my chair. 2 minutes later the phone rings, it’s him.  don’t worry the tumbler is double wall construction, splash proof lid and the grip is comfortable.  my tumbler won his promotional heart and the finished product is award winning.

need a product to tell your story, creative-crossroads is your source for brand messaging with promotional products.   email or give a call,  407-679-1303.  can i have 60 minutes? 


the twist: push it

your brand that is.  couple of interesting articles this week crossed my desk and this one caught my attention, the changing b to b sales process.  here’s the gist:  information gathering about products and services is highly integrated, and the younger group of decision makers leave no stone unturned.  not surprising, there is a propensity for social and interactive communications and traditional media seems to be losing out.  as a good marketeer, you have a fb page, you tweet, your web site is a daily update, but i found a tech tool that will cut to the chase.

do the twist:  push your brand with this mac/pc compatible web launcher.  simply plug into a usb port and automatically launch your website…anytime…anywhere…drive traffic to your landing page and site.  think of 100 decision makers you would like to reach in the next 30 days, think $ 500.00 investment.  pick from 13 different colors, email your logo and data to be loaded.  take advantage of free shipping until 8-31-10.   need more, call for special pricing and mention this blog.

more twists:  got to love this creative solution to access data at the push of a button.   find more solutions at creative-crossroads “always creative, always promotional”  email:  or call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: a touch of practical

admitting, i am in a bit of a practical mood this week.  this was brought on by the annual cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  instead of buying back to school items, i buy new products for the kitchen.  preparing for the fall season and all the great recipes i can prepare.  there is nothing like new measuring cups, spoons, strainers, and of course the chopping board.  marketeers, people are spending more time at home which is a great, and nothing better than hanging out in the kitchen on a crisp fall day.  hence i would like to introduce you to a lifestyle promotion for your clients.

do the twist:  the 21st century cutting board helps you easily chop vegetables and fruits in minutes.  (great for smoothies)  the innovative design features a drip channel to prevent spillage.  back of board is ribbed to fortify sturdiness.  measurements are 11-7/8″ h x 11″ w x 9/16″d and dishwasher safe.  choose from 29 different colors and see your logo in every home. great item for food companies, restaurants trade shows, and cooking schools.

more twists:  hey, practical is the new cool.  and don’t forget at creative-crossroads you can find this and more lifestyle promotions.  love to get new recipes, so email your favorite.   time for lunch, call me 407-679-1303.   creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.