the twist: bringing sexy back

in a few weeks i will be celebrating 23 years in business for myself.  it has been a great experience, and I hope to continue serving my clients and earning their trust and business.  before i stepped into the “abyss” of owning a business, i worked in the marketing department of a large company. i learned a most valuable lesson from a woman who was a multi-million dollar sales producer. i had to know the secret to her success. it was a one word answer:  magnets.  it seemed so elementary, but she explained.  paper cards get tossed, magnetic cards stick to fridges and filing cabinets. when they needed her service, her magnetic card was right in front of them. it was a valuable marketing lesson for me. it is good to go back to basics. 

more twists:  the simple magnet has a new level of sophistication.  magnets come in all shapes and colors including houses, ribbons, memo boards, things to do lists, sport balls, puzzle pieces, and the  popular message magnet.  magnets can be sealed on post cards for direct mail campaigns.  create your own custom copy.  consider a 2011 magnetic calendar project.  include one in your holiday greeting cards.  i think you see the possibilities.

do the twist:  magnetic promotions are bring sexy back to the filing cabinet.   i want to attract your business and you want to attract more business, so let’s get together.  for this and more great promotions to assist you in delivering the experience,  creative-crossroads.  waiting for your call at 407-679-1303 or email  they say opposites attract, but i think we are on the same page.



the twist: october symphony

october brings harvest time.  october watches the summer  fade away.  october brings a birthday (no not telling).  october ushers in fall festivals filled with pumpkins and apple cider.  october reminds it is breast cancer awareness month. october invites us to think pink.  much has been written about this subject, and i want to support those who have suffered, survived and shown us how to be strong.  so many great companies have provided us with products that will reinforce the message to stand in solidarity with women around the world.  

more twists:  this  knit hat will look great on the streets or the snowy slopes, (well not in florida until january). you can wear it with or without the tassels.  80/20 wool/nylon and 100% polyester fleece lining.  your brand can be embroidered on the front, back, sides of the hat. 

do the twist:  think pink this october.   make a promotional plan to get the message out. as part of my commitment, creative-crossroads will  donate to your local breast cancer awareness charity.  when you place your order, name the charity, we’ll send the check.  let’s bring in the harvest and the CURE.


the twist: push it

your brand that is.  couple of interesting articles this week crossed my desk and this one caught my attention, the changing b to b sales process.  here’s the gist:  information gathering about products and services is highly integrated, and the younger group of decision makers leave no stone unturned.  not surprising, there is a propensity for social and interactive communications and traditional media seems to be losing out.  as a good marketeer, you have a fb page, you tweet, your web site is a daily update, but i found a tech tool that will cut to the chase.

do the twist:  push your brand with this mac/pc compatible web launcher.  simply plug into a usb port and automatically launch your website…anytime…anywhere…drive traffic to your landing page and site.  think of 100 decision makers you would like to reach in the next 30 days, think $ 500.00 investment.  pick from 13 different colors, email your logo and data to be loaded.  take advantage of free shipping until 8-31-10.   need more, call for special pricing and mention this blog.

more twists:  got to love this creative solution to access data at the push of a button.   find more solutions at creative-crossroads “always creative, always promotional”  email:  or call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: every drop counts

a few months ago, national geographic dedicated an entire issue to water.  it is estimated that by the year 2050, one-third of the people of the earth may lack a clean, secure source of water.  and consider this:  “if the millions of women who haul water long distances had a faucet by the door, whole societies could be transformed.”  we are so blessed to just turn on the tap and enjoy a nice cold glass of water, add some ice and a wedge of lemon.   but we are not without resources and technologies to make sure that clean water becomes a reality for everybody. so  here is a little product that might encourage some big ideas;  the eco water saver. 

do the twist:   my eco water saver is a twist action 5 minute shower timer with suction mount.  the timer is shatter resistant and the plastic body is 70% recycled.  It is perfect for hotels, water districts, cities, colleges, cruise lines and home developers.  it might not seem like a lot, but every drop counts.  

more twistscreative-crossroads is dedicated to clean water projects, and we support water charity.  for more great eco water and energy savers and powerful promotions, please visit us on the web or give a call 407-679-1303.

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the twist: the block party

marketing has been invigorated with new approaches to selling products and services. e-marketing, blogs and social media enliven our strategies and challenge our imaginations.  but let’s not forget that the message will evaporate, if our business is not built on strong foundations.

do the twist:  make the point and have a little fun too. promo block sets are a great way to get your message into the hands of the clients you love or want to love. arrange your message on these colorful blocks that can be broken apart and rebuilt over and over again. use your imagination, it’s playful, fun and shows your creative side.

more twists:  from stock sets to custom shapes, I have a design for every budget.   waiting for you with more strong promotions at