the twist: i want my nba

well it is not looking too good for the nba season.  feeling kinda blue about it actually.  we have a great team in my town of orlando.  i hope that talks will resume or as they say the two sides can move the ball forward.  but in case you need a little nba action i think i have found the answer.

more twists:  put the power of the slam dunk in your hand and engage your clients with the basketball globe.   just shake the globe to score a basket. your logo prints on the 4″  sphere and it includes a desk stand.   use your imagination to score big  points with your clients.

do the twist:  at creative-crossroads i can shake up your sales with  imaginative promotional products.  there are hundreds of creative ways to get your name in front of perspective clients and renewing old relationships.  don’t have time to think about it, let me create the perfect promotion.  i’m optimistic about the season ahead. feel free to put my creativity to work for you.  creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.


the twist: je ne sais quoi

2011 the year of the flood, tornado, earthquake, terrorist, the unexpected and the inevitable…and yes, people are flocking to a small town in southwestern france to await the end of the world in 2012.  the lucky town is burarach.  it is a small village with a population of less than 200 under the mountain pic de burarach.  so you’re thinking some survival kit, i’m thinking wine survival ..hey it’s france after all…with some of the finest vineyards in the world. 

more twists:   the grigio 4-piece wine set is a classic way to carry around all the wine survival tools you will need for 2012 and beyond.  the dark, mysterious spray rubber wine bottle case includes a waiter corkscrew, pour/stopper combination and a drip ring.  and just in case all the end of the worlders have to return home to the usa, the set meets fda requirements.  but just in case it all ends, and archeologists find your bottle, your logo will be on display for posterity.  now that’s a win win. 

do the twist:  at creative-crossroads we create lifestyle promotions for all of your events.  whether you are showing up in france for the end of the world, or planning the next international conference,  add  some  je ne sais quoi to your promotional products.   always creative,  bon appetit, always promotional,  bon buvons…world without end…creative-crossroads.

the twist: a little kitsch

well the weather outside is frightful, if you are living in florida this week.  but as the song goes, it’s that time of year.  and in a couple of weeks, the new year will be upon us.  new year revelers always  bring out the kitsch, the feathered party hats, oversized glitzy eyeglasses emblazoned with the new year, sparkling noise makers, fireworks,  freezing tourists in times square, and lots of bubbly. so you have to admit these champagne sequined glasses are over the top kitsch and should really get the party started.

more twists:  these celebratory gold glitter champagne sunglasses are just the touch to greet 2011.  and here’s the bonus, each pair is manufactured with 400 UV protection from the sun or the morning of january 1.  aspirin.  your brand can be imprinted on the temple.  the best part, you can use these for any celebration or happy occasion in 2011.  a great promotion for restaurants, champagne distributors, wine bars, event planners, country clubs and anyplace people gather to celebrate.

 do the twist:  like you i hope for all good things in the new year. enjoy a little fun and be safe as we welcome 2011.   you definitely want to be part of the great year i have planned for you at creative-crossroads.  lots of new ideas to brand your logo and share the marketing love.  creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional. 

the twist: om

it‘s that time of year to practice radical relaxation.  holiday music  has started, the lines are forming, stress levels are trending up.  and bless you if you find yourself at the airport.  as your promotional specialist, i offer a few reminders:  imagine positive outcomes in all situations, use your great problem-solving skills, breathe, find a quiet place and just let go for a few minutes. 

more twists:  here’s a promo solution to put you and your clients in a new york state of mind.   consider the 12 oz. white frosted glass soy votive candle.  choose from over 12 soft fragrances and colors packaged in a black and white designed gift box.  your logo can be printed on one or two sides or a complete wrap around.  soy is environmentally friendly and this candle is made in the usa. 

do the twist:  now that you are relaxing and the stress is just melting away, close your eyes and repeat, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, creative crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  om…


the twist: you said you’re from….

i admit to a late night addiction.  it’s a radio show that features the most interesting and sometimes unusual guests.  i think you know which one.  you probably listen too.   my favorite shows  feature the true ufo believers.  to these experts there is no doubt that life exists outside the universe and visits us once in a while. but the callers  amuse me most of all.  especially the ones who are forever being whisked away in silver space ships to experience the outer limits.   yes, i have seen a few space ships, the space shuttle that is.  the ones that blast off from the central florida coast and a sight to behold, especially at night.   whether it is a nasa ship or the one from the great beyond, this blogs’ for you.

do the twist:  my little alien pen might just get some interest from your clients.  no they won’t think you’re off the rails, they will think your ideas are out of this world.  he/she/it has a hi-tech chrome body over a polystyrene base, black ink and uses a standard refill. 

more twists: we earthlings at creative-crossroads seek out the best promotions to meet the ever demanding marketing strategies in today’s economy.  but just in case you are headed to area 51 or points beyond, take along some great imprinted promotions and don’t forget to tell them creative-crossroads, always creative, always promotional.  it’s good to be a little out there.


the twist: surfin’ u.s.b.

remember the old days of summer, a few relaxing  weeks with family and friends, mountains,  beaches just a time to kick back and chill.  but today we have to stay connected even when relaxing. 

do the twist:  surf’s up with these  usb 2.0  surfboard flash memory drives.   three styles to choose from designed by carl ekstrom, pc and mac compatible, of course.   please inquire for available packaging options and accessories.  add content, files and programs, a great way to use the drive for a specific project, event, marketing or content distribution needs.  inquire for  data upload specifications and pricing changes frequently (like lobster) but i will be competitive.

more twists:  be cool, chill, and stay connected.  your clients will think you are the big kahuna, and i have to agree.  for more summer promotions that will help your business catch a wave think creative-crossroads promotional products. hang ten.